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The TumbleBookLibrary Premium Collection has 1000 titles, including 300 TumbleBooks, 250 Chapter Books, 100 non-fiction books, 16 Graphic Novels, and much more! Plus, there are hundreds of TumbleQuizzes and other Teacher Resources.

The TumbleBookLibrary Deluxe Collection has over 500 titles, including 300 TumbleBooks, 25 Chapter Books, 50 non-fiction books, and much more! Plus, there are hundreds of TumbleQuizzes and other Teacher Resources.

Cost of subscription:

PREMIUM Collection: $799/school/year

DELUXE Collection: $599/school/year

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Here is the complete list of all the TumbleBooks in our collections:

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Archie Collection #1 (Graphic Novel)   Smith, Bob  
Ariol, Volume 2: Thunder Horse   Guibert, Emmanuel   Graphic Novel
Because of Winn-Dixie (NEW!!)   DiCamillo, Kate  
Best Friend Trouble (NEW!)   Itani, Frances  
Betty Collection #1 (Graphic Novel)   Smith, Bob  
Diary of a Fly   Cronin, Doreen   Story Book
Duck! Rabbit!   Rosenthal, Amy Krouse   Story Book
Flora & Ulysses (NEW!!)   DiCamillo, Kate  
Geronimo Stilton, Volume 1: The Discovery of America   Stilton, Geronimo   Graphic Novel
How Many Jelly Beans? (NEW!)   Menotti, Andrea   Non Fiction
Jughead Collection #1 (Graphic Novel)   Smith, Bob  
Magician's Elephant, The (NEW!!)   DiCamillo, Kate  
Mahalia Mouse Goes to College   Lithgow, John   Story Book
Mercy Watson to the Rescue   DiCamillo, Kate   Story Book
Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The (NEW!!)   DiCamillo, Kate  
Mwumba   Brown, Bruce   Graphic Novel
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, Volume 1: Small Volcanoes   Petrucha, Stefan and Kinney, Sarah   Graphic Novel
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, Volume 2: Secret Sand Sleuths   Kinney, Sarah   Graphic Novel
Paper Bag Princess, The   Munsch, Robert   Story Book
Scaredy Squirrel   Watt, Melanie   Story Book
The Dot   Reynolds, Peter   Story Book
The Tale of Despereaux (COMING SOON!)   DiCamillo, Kate  
Tiger Rising (NEW!!)   DiCamillo, Kate  
Too Hot? Too Cold? Keeping Body Temperature Just Right (NEW!)   Arnold, Caroline   Non Fiction
Toopy and Binoo: Toopy's Story   Jolin, Dominique   Story Book
Veronica Collection #1 (Graphic Novel)   Smith, Bob  
WormWorld Saga   Lieske, Daniel   Graphic Novel
10 Plants that Shook the World   Richardson, Gillian   Non Fiction
ABC Letters in the Library   Farmer, Bonnie   Story Book
Aboriginal Rock Art (Video)    
Abra Cadabra and the Tooth Witch   Karlin, Nurit   Story Book
Ace Lacewing: Bad Bugs Are My Business   Biedrzycki, David   Story Book
Ace Lacewing: Bug Detective   Biedrzycki, David   Story Book
Adam Wreck and the Kalosian Space Pirates   Bracco, Michael S.   Graphic Novel
Addison Addley and the Things That Aren't There (Read-Along)   McMillan, Melody DeFields   Read-Along
Addison Addley and the Trick of the Eye (Read-Along)   McMillan, Melody DeFields   Read-Along
Addition and Subtraction (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Addy's Race   Waldman, Debby   E-book
Adventures at Camp Lots-o-Fun   Helmer, Marilyn   E-book
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The   Twain, Mark   E-book
Adventures of Pinocchio, The   Collodi, Carlo   E-book
Aesop's Fables   Aesop   E-book
Africa (Video)     Video
Africans Thought of It: Amazing Innovations   Opini, Bathseba and Richard Lee   E-book
After Peaches (Read-Along)   Mulder, Michelle   Read-Along
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp   n/a   E-book
All Aboard the Dinotrain   Lund, Deb   Story Book
Always   McGhee, Alison   Story Book
American Crocodiles (Video)   n/a  
Ancient Sea Life In Utah (Video)   n/a  
And You Can Come Too   Ohi, Ruth   Story Book
Animal Adaptations (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Animal Adventures (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Animal Adventures 2 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Animal Snoops: The Wondrous World of Wildlife Spies   Christie, Peter   Non Fiction
Animals in Camouflage   Tildes, Phyllis Limbacher   Non Fiction
Animals: Black and White   Tildes, Phyllis Limbacher   Non Fiction
Anne of Green Gables (Read-Along)   Montgomery, Lucy Maud   Read-Along
Ants Don't Catch Flying Saucers (Read-Along)   Wiebe, Trina   Read-Along
Any Pet Will Do (Read-Along)   Shouse, Nancy   Read-Along
Around the World (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Around the World in 80 Days   Verne, Jules   E-book
Art Class (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Art's Supplies   Tougas, Chris   Story Book
Asia (Video)   n/a   Video
Baby Elephants (Video)     Video
Bactrian Camels (Video)   n/a  
Bad For Them, Good For Me   Zevy, Aaron   Story Book
Bad for Them, Good for Me (Chinese)   Zevy, Aaron   Story Book
Bad For Them, Good For Me (English/French Playlist)   Zevy, Aaron   Playlist
Bad for Them, Good for Me (German)   Zevy, Aaron   Story Book
Bad for Them, Good for Me (Korean)   Zevy, Aaron   Story Book
Bad, Good, And Everything In Between   Zevy, Rena   E-book
Ballad of Knuckles McGraw, The   Peterson, Lois   E-book
Barcelona (Video)     Video
Beanstalk: The Measure of a Giant   McCallum, Ann   Non Fiction
Bears We Know, The   Silsbe, Brenda   Story Book
Bears! (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Beautiful Moon   Jeffers, Dawn   Story Book
Beautiful Moon (English/Spanish Playlist)   Jeffers, Dawn   Playlist
Beavers Are Geniuses (Video)   n/a   Video
Bebe Goes Shopping   Elya, Susan Middleton   Story Book
Bedtime (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Bee In Your Ear, A (Read-Along)   Wishinsky, Frieda   Read-Along
Belle of Batoche (Read-Along)   Guest, Jacqueline   Read-Along
Ben the Inventor   Stevenson, Robin   E-book
Ben's Robot   Stevenson, Robin   E-book
Best Excuse, The   Feinman Moss, Ellen   Story Book
Beware, Pirates! (Read-Along)   Wishinsky, Frieda   Read-Along
Big Bang, The (Video)   n/a   Video
Big Blue   Gill, Shelley   Non Fiction
Big or Little?   Stinson, Kathy   Story Book
Big Snapper, The   Holubitsky, Katherine   E-book
Big Tree Gang, The (Read-Along)   Bogart, Jo Ellen   Read-Along
Biggest Job of All, The   Ziefert, Harriet   Story Book
Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman   Nobleman, Marc Tyler   Graphic Novel
Bintou's Braids   Diouf, Sylvianne   Story Book
Bird and Butterfly Swarms (Video)   n/a   Video
Bird Came Down the Walk, A   Dickinson, Emily   E-book
Birdie for Now (Read-Along)   Little, Jean   Read-Along
Birica's House: The Story of a Roma Girl (Russian/English)   Nuica , Elena   E-book
Birthday Girl, The (Read-Along)   Little, Jean   Read-Along
Biscuit   Capucilli, Alyssa Satin   Story Book
Black Beauty (Read-Along)   Sewell, Anna   Read-Along
Blast to the Past #1: Lincoln's Legacy (Read-Along)   Deutsch, Stacia and Rhody Cohon   Read-Along
Blast to the Past #4: King's Courage (Read-Along)   Deutsch, Stacia and Rhody Cohon   Read-Along
Blast to the Past #6: Ben Franklin's Fame (Read-Along)   Deutsch, Stacia and Rhody Cohon   Read-Along
Block the Sun, Not the Fun!   Feinman Moss, Ellen   Story Book
Block the Sun, Not the Fun! (English/French Playlist)   Feinman Moss, Ellen   Playlist
Bone Growth (Video)     Video
Bones Never Lie   MacLeod, Elizabeth   Non Fiction
Boomer Goes to School   McGeorge, Constance   Story Book
Boomer's Big Surprise   McGeorge, Constance   Story Book
Boot Camp   Walters, Eric   E-book
Bowhead Whale (Video)     Video
Box of Shocks   McMahen, Chris   E-book
Boy in the Drawer, The   Munsch, Robert   Story Book
Boy Soup   Lesynski, Loris  
Brazil (Video)   n/a  
Brrr... It's Cold Out There! (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Bruno for Real   Adderson, Caroline   E-book
Bugs (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!   Barner, Bob   Non Fiction
Bully Goat Grim   Claflin, Willy   Story Book
Bumblebee Queen, The   Sayre, April Pulley   Non Fiction
Burro's Tortillas   Fields, Terri   Story Book
Butterflies (Video)   n/a   Video
Butterfly Is Patient, A   Aston, Dianna Hutts   Non Fiction
Caillou (Playlist)   Sanschagrin, Joceline   Playlist
Caillou and Gilbert   Sanschagrin, Joceline   Story Book
Caillou Tidies His Toys   Sanschagrin, Joceline   Story Book
Camp Fossil Eyes   Abley, Mark   E-book
Camping Spree with Mr. Magee, A   Van Dusen, Chris   Story Book
Camping! (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Canadian Rainforests (Video)   n/a   Video
Captain Jake (Read-Along)   Stewart, Shannon   Read-Along
Captain Pixel   Prozalski, Maciej   Graphic Novel
Cardiovascular System (Video)   n/a  
Casey and Derek on the Ice   Sederman. Marty   Story Book
Casey at the Bat (Read-Along)   Thayer, Ernest Lawrence   Read-Along
Casey Little, Yo-Yo Queen   Belgue, Nancy   E-book
Cassy's Tale   Welsh, Eva-Marie   Story Book
Castle on Hester Street, The   Heller, Linda   Story Book
Catching Spring   Olsen, Sylvia   E-book
Catla and the Vikings   Nelson, Mary Elizabeth   E-book
Cellular Activity (Video)     Video
Center Time (Playlist)   Various Authors  
Cerebrum, The (Video)     Video
Champion: The Story of Muhammad Ali   Haskins, Jim   Non Fiction
Chanukah Noel, A   Jennings, Sharon   Story Book
Cheetah   Lewis, Wendy A.   E-book
Chicken Big   Graves, Keith   Story Book
Chicken Scratches   Shannon, George and Lynn Brunelle   Story Book
Chickens! (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Chimps and Tools (Video)   n/a   Video
Christopher Columbus (Video)     Video
Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper, and Other Stories   n/a   E-book
Cinnamon and the April Shower   Johnson, Amy Crane   Story Book
Circulatory Story, The   Corcoran, Mary K   Non Fiction
Circulatory System, The (Video)   n/a   Video
Clara's War   Kacer, Kathy   E-book
Clever Beatrice   Willey, Margaret   Story Book
Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal, The   Shah, Idries   Story Book
Clever Rachel   Waldman, Debby   Story Book
Clever Trevor   Albee, Sarah   Story Book
Climate and Weather (Video)   n/a   Video
Climates of the World (Video)     Video
Clockwork Girl, The   O'Reilly, Sean and Hanna, Kevin   Graphic Novel
Clouded Leopards (Video)     Video
Clownfish / Sea Anenome Friends (Video)   n/a   Video
Coin Counting Book, The   Williams, Rozanne Lanczak   Non Fiction
Colette And The Silver Samovar (Read-Along)   Belgue, Nancy  
Collection of Beatrix Potter Stories, A   Potter, Beatrix   E-book
Comets (Video)     Video
Constellations, The (Video)     Video
Corals (Video)     Video
Coriander the Contrary Hen   Chaconas, Dori   Story Book
Count Me In   Leach, Sara   E-book
Counting by 2s Poem   Matlow, Naomi   Non Fiction
Counting Coconuts   Silvano, Wendi   Non Fiction
Counting Envelopes   Moss, Becca   Non Fiction
Crab Moon   Horowitz, Ruth   Story Book
Crazy For California   Bell, Josh   Story Book
Crazy for Canada   Schwartz, Noa   Story Book
Crazy for Canada! (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Creativity (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Crittercam: Alligator (Video)     Video
Crittercam: Blue Whales (Video)   n/a   Video
Crittercam: Emperor Penguins (Video)   n/a   Video
Crittercam: Leatherback Turtles (Video)   n/a   Video
Culture (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Cupcakes!   Moss, Becca   Non Fiction
Curse of Akkad, The   Christie, Peter   Non Fiction
Cursed (Read-Along)   Bush, Maureen  
Cut Down To Size At High Noon   Sundby, Scott   Non Fiction
Dad Runs Away with the Circus   Keret, Etgar   Story Book
Daisy Diaz Shakes Up Camp   Harkrader, Lisa   Story Book
Dalen and Gole: Scandal in Port Angus   Deas, Mike   Graphic Novel
Danger at the Landings (Read-Along)   Citra, Becky   Read-Along
Day-Glo Brothers, The   Barton, Chris   Non Fiction
Dear Peter Rabbit   Ada, Alma Flor   Story Book
Desertification (Video)   n/a  
Destination: Antarctica (Video)     Video
Destination: Costa Rica (Video)     Video
Destination: Eastern Africa (Video)     Video
Destination: Hawaii (Video)     Video
Destination: New Zealand (Video)   n/a   Video
Destination: Spain (Video)     Video
Diary of a Spider   Cronin, Doreen   Story Book
Diary of a Worm   Cronin, Doreen   Story Book
Diary of Bugs (Playlist)   Cronin, Doreen   Playlist
Different Game, A   Olsen, Sylvia   E-book
Digestive System, The (Video)   n/a   Video
Dimples Delight (Read-Along)   Wishinsky, Frieda   Read-Along
Dinosailors   Lund, Deb   Story Book
Dinosaur State Park in Connecticut (Video)   n/a   Video
Dinosaurs 101 (Video)     Video
Dinosaurs on the Beach   Helmer, Marilyn   E-book
Dinosaurs Roar, Butterflies Soar!   Barner, Bob   Non Fiction
Dinosaurs! (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Discovery of Viruses (Video)     Video
Diwali Festival of Lights (Video)     Video
Dog Days (Read-Along)   Citra, Becky   Read-Along
Dogs: Man's Best Friend (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Dolphins   De Medeiros, James   Non Fiction
Domino Addition   Long, Lynette   Non Fiction
Don't Forget to Come Back   Harris, Robie H.   Story Book
Don't Squash That Bug!   Rompella, Natalie   Non Fiction
Doors   Munro, Roxie   Story Book
Down By The Bay     Story Book
Down the Chimney with Googol and Googolplex   Kazenbroot, Nelly   E-book
Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee   Van Dusen, Chris   Story Book
Droughts 101 (Video)     Video
Dung Beetles (Video)   n/a   Video
Dust of Snow   Frost, Robert   E-book
Earth Day: Vol. 1 (Unit Plan)   n/a   Unit Plan
Earth Day: Vol. 2 (Unit Plan)     Unit Plan
Earthquakes 101 (Video)     Video
Eastern Cultures (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Eat Your Veggies! (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Eating Insects (Video)   n/a   Video
Echoing Green, The   Blake, William   E-book
Ecology (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Ecosystems (Video)     Video
Edgar, Allan, and Poe and the Tell-Tale Beets   Rompella, Natalie   Story Book
Eight Days Gone   McReynolds, Linda   Non Fiction
Eight Winter Nights   Melmed, Laura Krauss  
El Señor Marmota quiere el dia libre (Spanish)   Vojta, Pat Stemper  
Electromagnetic Spectrum, The (Video)     Video
Ellie's New Home (Read-Along)   Citra, Becky   Read-Along
Elusive Giant Panda!, The (Video)   n/a   Video
Enemy Pie   Munson, Derek   Story Book
Equal Shmequal   Kroll, Virginia   Non Fiction
Equinoxes (Video)     Video
Europe (Video)     Video
Evolution Revolution (Video)     Video
Exploration of Mars (Video)     Video
Exploration of the Solar System (Video)     Video
Extrasolar Planets (Video)     Video
Faces Of The Moon   Crelin, Bob  
Fairy Tales (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Fairy Tales... Retold! (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Families (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Family Pack   Markle, Sandra   Non Fiction
Family Reminders   Danneberg, Julie   E-book
Farm Adventures (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Fatty Legs   Jordan-Fenton, Christy and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton   E-book
Fear, Self-Esteem, and Emotions (Unit Plan)   n/a   Unit Plan
Feather Brain (Read-Along)   Bush, Maureen  
Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo   Redmond, E.S.   Story Book
Fifty Below Zero   Munsch, Robert   Story Book
Fifty Below Zero (Spanish/English Playlist)   Munsch, Robert   Playlist
Fiona's Luck   Bateman, Teresa   Story Book
Fire Station, The   Munsch, Robert   Story Book
First Day Jitters   Danneberg, Julie   Story Book
First Music, The   Pritchett, Dylan   Story Book
Fish Symbiosis (Video)     Video
Fishy Disguises (Video)   n/a   Video
Five Senses, The (Video)   n/a   Video
Five Stars for Emily   Waldron, Kathleen Cook   E-book
Flight 1-2-3   van Lieshout, Maria   Non Fiction
Flight from Bear Canyon   Daher, Anita   E-book
Flight from Big Tangle (Read-Along)   Daher, Anita   Read-Along
Flock of Shoes, A   Tsiang, Sarah  
Florida (Video)   n/a   Video
Fluffy: Scourge of the Sea   Bateman, Teresa   Story Book
Fog   Sandburg, Carl   E-book
Follow Your Money   Sylvester, Kevin and Michael Hlinka   Non Fiction
Food Fight: A Graphic Guide Adventure   O'Donnell, Liam   Graphic Novel
For Just One Day   Leuck, Laura   Story Book
Forward, Shakespeare!   Little, Jean   E-book
Fossil Hunters, The (Read-Along)   Helmer, Marilyn   Read-Along
France (Video)     Video
Frank and Izzy Set Sail   Kvasnosky, Laura McGee   Story Book
Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance   Graves, Keith   Story Book
Franklin Goes to School   Bourgeois, Paulette   Story Book
Franklin's Class Trip   Bourgeois, Paulette   Story Book
Friendly Neighbourhood Skunk (Video)   n/a   Video
Friends Forever (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Frilled Lizard (Video)     Video
Frog in My Throat, A (Read-Along)   Wishinsky, Frieda   Read-Along
Full Court Press (Read-Along)   Walters, Eric  
Further Fables for Our Time   Thurber, James   E-book
Galapagos (Video)   n/a   Video
Game Day   Barber, Tiki and Ronde Barber   Story Book
Geography (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Geomagnetism (Video)     Video
George Most Wanted   Lee, Ingrid   E-book
George, the Best of All!   Lee, Ingrid   E-book
Geronimo Stilton, Volume 2: The Secret of the Sphinx   Stilton, Geronimo   Graphic Novel
Geronimo Stilton, Volume 5: The Great Ice Age   Stilton, Geronimo   Graphic Novel
Get Buggy! (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Getting Started at School (Unit Plan)   n/a   Unit Plan
Ghost Wolf (Read-Along)   Bradford, Karleen   Read-Along
Gift of the Magi, The   O’Henry   E-book
Girls Around the World (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Glaciers (Video)     Video
Global Warming (Video)     Video
Go Back To Bed!   Guy, Ginger Foglesong   Story Book
Going Places! (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Golden Bull, The   Cowley, Marjorie   E-book
Goldfish Don't Take Bubble Baths (Read-Along)   Wiebe, Trina   Read-Along
Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site   Rinker, Sherri Duskey   Story Book
Gotcha!   Dussling, Jennifer   Story Book
Grade 1: Vol. 1 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Grade 1: Vol. 2 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Grade 2: Vol. 1 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Grade 2: Vol. 2 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Grade 2: Vol. 3 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Grade 3: Vol. 1 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Grade 3: Vol. 2 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Grade 4: Vol. 1 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Grade 4: Vol. 2 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Grammar Fun For All (Unit Plan)   n/a   Unit Plan
Grandma's Pear Tree   Santillan, Suzanne   Story Book
Great Barrier Reef (Video)     Video
Great Bike Rescue, The   Hutchins, Hazel   E-book
Great Blue Heron (Video)   n/a   Video
Great Garage Sale, The   Helmer, Marilyn   E-book
Great Kite Fight, The (Video)    
Great Number Rumble, The   Lee, Cora and Gillian O'Reilly   Non Fiction
Great Shape-Up, The   May, Eleanor   Story Book
Great White Shark (Video)   n/a  
Greece (Video)   n/a  
Greenhouse Gases (Video)     Video
Gregarious Geckos (Video)     Video
Gwaii, The   Chastain, Grant and O'Reilly, Sean  
Halloween (Unit Plan)   n/a   Unit Plan
Hamsters Don't Glow in the Dark (Read-Along)   Wiebe, Trina   Read-Along
Hamsters Don't Glow in the Dark (Read-Along)   Wiebe, Trina   Read-Along
Hana's Suitcase (Read-Along)   Levine, Karen   Read-Along
Hannah Is My Name   Yang, Belle   Story Book
Hannah Is My Name (Chinese)   Yang, Belle   Story Book
Hannah Is My Name (English/Chinese Playlist)   Yang, Belle   Playlist
Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates   Dodge, Mary Mapes   E-book
Have You Ever Seen a Duck in a Raincoat?   Kaner, Etta   Non Fiction
Have You Ever Seen an Octopus with a Broom?   Kaner, Etta   Non Fiction
He Came With the Couch   Slonim, David   Story Book
Heart, The (Video)   n/a   Video
Heidi   Spyri, Johanna   E-book
Hello Sun!   Wilhelm, Hans   Story Book
Helping Out is Cool   Feinman Moss, Ellen   Story Book
Hero (Read-Along)   Attema, Martha 1   Read-Along
Hide and Seek   Zevy, Aaron   Non Fiction
History: Vol. 1 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
History: Vol. 2 (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Hockey (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Hockey Card, The   Siemiatycki, Jack and Slodovnick, Avi   Story Book
Holidays (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Home for Pearl Squirrel, A   Johnson, Amy Crane   Story Book
Home Team (Read-Along)   Walters, Eric  
Hoop Crazy! (Read-Along)   Walters, Eric   Read-Along
Hoover's Bride   Small, David   Story Book
Horrendo's Curse   Fienberg, Anna and Kooistra, Alison   Graphic Novel
How Do You Read to a Rabbit?   von Konigslow, Andrea Wayne   Story Book
How I Became a Pirate   Long, Melinda   Story Book
How Mountains Are Formed (Video)   n/a   Video
How Things Work (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
How To Make A TumblePlaylist (TumbleTutorial)     Video
How to Use Favorites and MyCloud (TumbleTutorial)     Video
How To Use TumbleMobile (TumbleTutorial)     Video
Howler Monkeys (Video)     Video
Human Body (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Human Body 101 (Video)   n/a   Video
Human Cell, The (Video)     Video
Hummingbirds (Video)     Video
Hunter   Walters, Eric   E-book
Hurricanes 101 (Video)   n/a   Video
Hurry, Freedom (Read-Along)   Wishinsky, Frieda   Read-Along
I am Dead at Recess   Crone, Neil   Story Book
I Got Two Dogs   Lithgow, John   Story Book
I Have To Go!   Munsch, Robert   Story Book
I Love Saturdays y Domingos   Ada, Alma Flor   Story Book
I Miss Franklin P. Shuckles   Snihura, Ulana   Story Book
I Owe You One (Read-Along)   Hyde, Natalie  
I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby   Heling, Kathryn and Deborah Hembrook   Story Book
I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa   Heling, Kathryn and Deborah Hembrook   Story Book
I, Bruno   Adderson, Caroline   E-book
I.Q., It's Time   Fraser, Mary Ann   Story Book
I.Q., It's Time (MS)   Fraser, Mary Ann   Non Fiction
Identifying Clouds (Video)   n/a   Video
If I Had A Hammer    
If I Were You   Hamilton, Richard   Story Book
I'm a Manatee   Lithgow, John   Story Book
Importance of Being Earnest, The   Wilde, Oscar   E-book
Importance of Wings, The   Friedman, Robin   E-book
Impossible Things   Stevenson, Robin   E-book
Inside Earth (Video)   n/a   Video
Into the Tub   Beaver, Laura J. and Nolen, Jill P.   Story Book
Inuit Thought of It, The   Ipellie, Alootook and David MacDonald   Non Fiction
Invasores extraterrestres (Spanish)   Huggins-Cooper, Lynn  
Irish Monuments (Video)     Video
Isabel and the Hungry Coyote   Polette, Keith   Story Book
Ish   Reynolds, Peter   Story Book
Istanbul (Video)     Video
Italy (Video)     Video
Itsy Bitsy Spider, The     Story Book
I've Been Working On The Railroad    
Jabberwocky   Carroll, Lewis   E-book
Jack and the Beanstalk   n/a   Story Book
Jack and the Zombie Box   Brown, Bruce   Graphic Novel
Jackie Rose: The Treasure of Captain Read   Ulrich, Josh   Graphic Novel
Jackson and Bud's Bumpy Ride   Koehler-Pentacoff, Elizabeth   Story Book
Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle (Read-Along)   Leach, Sara   Read-Along
Japan (Video)   n/a   Video
Jeffrey and Sloth   Winters, Kari-Lynn   Story Book
Jeremy and the Enchanted Theater (Read-Along)   Citra, Becky   Read-Along
Jeremy and the Fantastic Flying Machine (Read-Along)   Citra, Becky   Read-Along
Jeremy and the Golden Fleece (Read-Along)   Citra, Becky   Read-Along
Jeremy in the Underworld (Read-Along)   Citra, Becky   Read-Along
Jesse's Star   Schwartz, Ellen   E-book
Jessie's Island   McFarlane, Sheryl   Story Book
Jewish Themes (Playlist)   Various Authors   Playlist
Jodie's Hanukkah Dig   Levine, Anna  
Jo's Journey   Tate, Nikki   E-book
Jo's Triumph   Tate, Nikki   E-book
Journey of Oliver K. Woodman, The   Pattison, Darcy   Story Book
Jungle Book, The   Kipling, Rudyard   E-book
Jupiter (Video)   n/a   Video
Just Call Me Joe   Wishinsky, Frieda   E-book
Just Like Josh Gibson   Johnson, Angela   Story Book
Justine McKeen #1: Queen of Green (Read-Along)   Brouwer, Sigmund   Read-Along
Justine McKeen #2: Walk the Talk (Read-Along)   Brouwer, Sigmund   Read-Along
Justine McKeen #3: Pooper Scooper (Read-Along)   Brouwer, Sigmund   Read-Along
Kansas: The Oz Museum (Video)   n/a   Video
Kat McGee and the School of Christmas Spirit   Munsterer, Rebecca   E-book
Keesha's Bright Idea   May, Eleanor   Non Fiction
Kelly's Cabin (Read-Along)   Smith, Linda   Read-Along
Kids Who Rule: The Remarkable Lives of Five Child Monarchs   Cotter, Charis   Non Fiction
Killer Cookoo Cat Fish (Video)     Video
Kyle's Island   Derby, Sally   E-book
La malediction petits pois (French)   Chartrand, Lili  
La Petite Fille et les Loups (French)   Arbona, Marion   Story Book
La princesse aux mains blanches (French)   Tibo, Gilles  
Lapinokio (French)   Chartrand, Lili   Story Book
Last Loon, The   Upjohn, Rebecca   E-book
Latin Americans Thought of It   Salinas, Eva   Non Fiction
Le Grand Jour De Jean-Serge (French)   Tremblay, Carole   Story Book
Le Secret De Jamel (French)   Papineau, Lucie   Story Book
Lego Ninjago, Volume 1: The Challenge of Samukai!   Farshtey, Greg   Graphic Novel
Lemon the Duck   Backman, Laura   Story Book
Let's Do Nothing!   Fucile, Tony   Story Book
Let's Go   Flatt, Lizann  
Lewis Cardinal's First Winter   Johnson, Amy Crane   Story Book
Librarian of Basra, The   Winter, Jeanette   Story Book
Lifestyles of Beluga Whales (Video)     Video
Lifestyles of Leopards (Video)     Video
Lifestyles of the Thick-Billed Murres (Video)     Video
Lifetime   Schaefer, Lola M.   Non Fiction
Light in the Darkness, A   Zevy, Aaron   Story Book
Lilith Dark and the Beastie Tree   Dowd, C.   Graphic Novel
Lima Bean Monster, The   Yaccarino, Dan   Story Book
Little Hoot   Rosenthal, Amy Krouse   Story Book
Little Lord Fauntleroy   Burnett, Frances Hodgson   E-book
Little Oink   Rosenthal, Amy Krouse   Story Book
Little Pea   Rosenthal, Amy Krouse   Story Book
Little Princess, A (Read-Along)   Burnett, Frances Hodgson  
Little Red in Cyber Space   Price, Meghan   Story Book
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf (Read-Along)   Dahl, Roald   Read-Along
Little Women (Read-Along)   Alcott, Louisa May  
Lives of Giraffes (Video)     Video
Lives of Lions (Video)     Video
Lizards Don't Wear Lip Gloss (Read-Along)   Wiebe, Trina   Read-Along
Lobo and the Rabbit Stew   Schwartz, Marcia   Story Book
Lola at the Library   McQuinn, Anna   Story Book
Lola at the Library (English/Spanish Playlist)   McQuinn, Anna   Playlist
London (Video)     Video
Long Shot   Walters, Eric   E-book
Lopburi Monkey Festival (Video)   n/a  
Lost and Found, Story 1: Molly   LaMarche, Jim   Story Book
Lost and Found, Story 2: Ginger   LaMarche, Jim   Story Book
Lost and Found, Story 3: Yuki   LaMarche, Jim   Story Book
Lost Key, The   Thielbar, Melinda   Graphic Novel
Lou déménage! (French)   Arbona, Marion  
Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken   DiCamillo, Kate   Story Book
Lucky's Mountain   Maycock, Dianne   E-book
Ma, I'm a Farmer   Martchenko, Michael   Story Book
Mammals: Koalas (Video)     Video
Man With The Violin, The   Stinson, Kathy   Story Book
Mars (Video)   n/a   Video
Marsh Island   Bates, Sonya Spreen   E-book
Marsupial Sue   Lithgow, John   Story Book
Marsupial Sue Presents: The Runaway Pancake   Lithgow, John   Story Book