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The TumbleBooks allow students access to a wide variety of ebooks at many levels. The books are easy to access and provide students with additional guided reading with the highlighted text option available. It is nice that there are books available in English, French and Spanish.

Debbie, Teacher
Upper Canada District School Board, ON

We LOVE the TumbleBooks! I teach fourth grade in a very high needs school. My students just love to get on TumbleBooks and learn. I, in particular, enjoy the nonfiction pieces. We use your site and align all of our questions to the Common Core. Each child feels like an independent reader, regardless of the level that he/she is on. It is a FABULOUS PROGRAM!

Kim, Grade 4 Teacher
Forest Elementary, CT

I am a grade three teacher and my class loves Tumblebooks. They ask for me to play something every day. It gives us a chance to listen to a story together and either have a good laugh or a great discussion together. I love it both as pure entertainment and as a teaching tool.

North Star Elementary School, AB

I love using Tumblebooks with my first graders. They really enjoy listening to the stories and doing the accompanying activities. I also like setting up libraries for my students to read book on a common theme. I have a great deal of success with the program!

Mary Jo
Bradley East School, IL

We watch/listen to books daily in my kindergarten classroom at snack time. All the children are engaged and it provides me the opportunity to sit with the students rather than be in front of them reading.

Middleboro, MA

I LOVE Tumblebooks! My class LOVES Tumblebooks!! We watch them on the big screen and on individual student computers. The kids love the movement and the voices as well as reading along! We will all miss our trial subscription. I have a bilingual student who loves to share the Spanish versions with us too.

Lynn, 1st Grade
Matoaka Elementary
Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools, VA


I love just about everything about Tumblebooks. The selection of stories is incredible. I love the way the text is highlighted while it's being narrated so students can follow along, and Iove the tests and activities.

Lillian, Teacher
Zukeran Elementary School

I love the book selections. The best stories for the age level I teach come from Robert Munsch. His sound effects and narration are really entertaining to the kids. I would like to see more books for Kindergarten level. Thank you for supplying teachers with a great literacy resource.

Jennifer, Teacher
Westwood Early Childhood Center
Woodward, OK

I love Tumble Book's Library! I love the way that the books come to life with not too little or too much animation. There is just the right amount added so as not to take away from the actual text, but to keep young learners entertained.

Marlene, 1st Grade
South Ripley Elementary
South Ripley School Corporation, IN

We really like how kid friendly the site is. They can easily navigate the site independently which in turn gives the teachers more teaching time.

Rebekah, Teacher
Blue Hills
Fort Osage School District, MO

I loved this web site!!! I have told my friends who teach at other districts about this as well. I think it is a great buy for the money. I love that it can be accessed from home as well. The variety was great. The children were so engaged.

Sandie, 3rd Grade Teacher
Health, Wellness, and Environmental Studies
Jonesboro Public Schools, AR

My class absolutely loves your site. The easy access is wonderful for students just becoming familiar with logging on to web sites. As first graders they are always looking for stories they are used to hearing to enjoy over and over again. Your site allows them the freedom to hear “old favorites” but also the ease to take a risk and try an unheard of book. Thank you for the wide selection offered.

Stephanie, 1st Grade
Ridgeview Elementary School
Liberty Public Schools, MO
This really got the kids interested in reading.  
Sandie, 3rd Grade Teacher
Health, Wellness, and Environmental Studies
Jonesboro Public Schools, AR

The children in my class just needed a change. I took my laptop into the classroom, since we do not have internet access in our room and let them watch "Pigs". They laughed so hard and have asked for me to play the book again to them many times. Being able to have the option of sharing books both by reading and watching them in a video format is a wonderful change that has been very positive in my classroom.

Jo Ellen, Teacher
Pike County Head Start
Pike County Community Action Committee, OH


It is a great site for all reading levels but especially for my lower level students. They can feel successful reading. I love the oral interpretations of the books. It allows my students to hear good readers with expression. The book selection is great.

Lydia, Teacher
Strawn ISD
Strawn Independent School District, TX

I loved the confidence it helped 2 struggling readers that I was doing intervention with. It is easy to use, and I love it!!

Missy, 3rd / 4th Grade Science
Spring Place Elementary
Murray County, GA

My class used your online animated library for the past two weeks, and it was awesome. Students really enjoyed the stories. Reading your online books made reviewing important reading skills such as main idea and summarization a breeze--Students had never been so enthusiastic about reading!

Sandra, 5th Grade
R. C. Centeno Elementary
United Independent School District, TX

My four year old son, my third grade class, and my thirty-something wife love Tumble Books. They are entranced with the lively moving stories and the highlighted text. What a great resource! Thanks for putting such a great web page together.

David, Teacher
Hershey Primary
Derry Township School District, PA

I find Tumblebooks to be invaluable in my classroom. In this day of 2 career families and parents and children busy with extra curricular activities, being read to has unfortunately taken a back seat. Tumble books provides a substitute to that "lap time" that our students seem to be lacking.

Penny, 1st Grade
West Gresham Elementary
Gresham-Barlow School District, OR

My kindergarteners love TumbleBooks! They really like listening to the stories and it gets them excited about reading. Thank you!

Daybreak Primary, WA

The kids love reading the books! Each time we have computer time, they would ask to read Tumblebooks. I like.... of course... what the kids like :) If it keeps them engaged in learning ...then it keeps me happy too. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the worlds joyful wonders...BOOKS…to my students!!

Deborah, First Grade Teacher
Goynes Elementary School, NV

TumbleBooks is such a good way to support the love of reading in my children. We use it as a literacy station and the children have the opportunity to choose what they want to see, whether it is an old favorite or new read, they enjoy the freedom of choice.

Cassville, MO

I love that kids can choose their own books based on their interest. Anything digital grabs the interest of our kids!

City Heights Elementary, AR

I absolutely love your site! Students of all levels can be challenged by the resources found there or they can read entertaining material that simply instills a love of reading. I also like having some assessments available to hold my second graders accountable for what they've read. Awesome menu of things to try. Keep up the good work!!

Frances, Second Grade
White Knoll Elementary, SC

When my students were watching the stories, all eyes were turned to the screen. Not a sound came from a single student.

Sherri, 3rd Grade Language Arts
Morgan Woods Elementary
Hillsborough County School District , FL

This is the best interactive read aloud website I have found. My students and I love it. We can always locate a book easy that connects to what we have been studying. The students love to watch the pictures, and as they progress with their decoding skills they pick out words that they know. When we watch one of these books, I have to pause it after every page so they can find all their sight words that are on the page. The website makes it like have a celebrity reader in our room daily. Thank you so much for your wonderful reading website.


My students and I love tumblebooks! As a fifth grade teacher, I see the importance of students becoming natural everyday readers. I want this "habit" to follow them throughout life. Tumblebooks are an exciting way to keep students interested and involved with reading. I love to incorporate Tumblebooks into my curriculum, whether it is Reading, Writing, or Language Arts.

Debbie, 5th Grade
Holley Elementary School
Worth county, GA

I find Tumblebooks to be invaluable in my classroom. In this day of 2 career families and parents and children busy with extra curricular activities, being read to has unfortunately taken a back seat. Tumble books provides a substitute to that "lap time" that our students seem to be lacking.

Penny, 1st Grade
West Gresham Elementary
Gresham-Barlow School District, OR

I love how it helps to follow our districts reading curriculum, by allowing students to hear books read fluently and in different ways.


I love the website! It is nice to have a site my students can go to independently and follow along to listen to stories with the words highlighted as they read. The quizzes give them a purpose to listen so that aides comprehension.

Lori, Teacher
St. Mary's
Owatonna, MN

Unfortunately, we don't have enough helpers to read individually to students. Tumble Books provides an alternative to the "listen to reading" time.

Penny, 1st Grade
West Gresham Elementary
Gresham-Barlow School District, OR

I enjoy the "Favorites" feature. It enables me to choose books that fit the season or unit of study we are working on and to pre-read the limited choices. This way, if there is not enough time for the studant to take the quiz, I can ask the student to provide a "re-tell of the book.

Penny, 1st Grade
West Gresham Elementary
Gresham-Barlow School District, OR

TumbleBooks is an AWESOME resource. My fourth grade students have really enjoyed using it. We look forward to looking up books, listening to new selections, and sharing with our first grade book buddies! As a teacher, I also utilize TumbleBooks with my tutor students.

Sheryl, 4th grade
Barfield Elementary School
Rutherford County Schools, TN

I love this site. It has replaced my listening center (no cassettes or CD’s for my first graders to have difficulty putting in the player.) I select books and add to my list for students to choose from.

Teresa, Teacher
Crab Orchard Elementary
Lincoln County Schools, KY

I have absolutely loved TumbleBookLibrary. I teach first grade and my class loves to come up to the smart board and follow along with the story and answer the questions to the quizzes. The animations are wonderful and engaging for my whole class as well as my ESL students.

Monica, 1st Grade
Enchanted Hills Elementary
Rio Rancho Public Schools, NM

Thank you so much for giving my classroom the opportunity to try out Tumblebooks! My Kindergarten class enjoyed the times I would put a story onto the "Promethean" board for all to see!

Rachel, Kindergarten
McCall School
Philadelphia School District, PA

This is a wonderful site to use in the classroom. I have a smartboard in my classroom so I am able to project the books for the entire class to see. Having the kids able to follow along is wonderful. They like the animated stories and hearing somebody elses voice besides my own.

Amanda, Teacher
Carlson Elementary
Van Dyke Public Schools, MI

I am a Kindergarten teacher and my students loved watching the books on the Large promethean board. The selection of books was great and the students loved the animation on some of the books. My students and myself was very disappointed when our free trial was up.

Jodie, Kindergarten
Nancy Elementary
Pulaski County Schools, KY

TumbleBookLibrary.com. It's a teacher's dream come true.

3/4 Grade