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I like Tumblebooks because it allows our English Language Learners to develop their reading skills. It benefits our school because we have received a large population of Korean children at our school this year. Tumblebooks allows them to take part in the same program that the other children are doing (namely the Daily 5) because they can Read to Themselves!

Fitch Street School, ON

I LOVED Tumblebooks as much as my students did. They were very excited to read/listen to the books, and even complete your online quizzes and book reports. Your story selection is tremendous.

Eileen, ESL
Forked River Elementary School
Lacey Township School District, NJ

Tumblebooks was an outstanding website for my second language learners. I was impressed with how user friendly it was for both myself and my students. I also liked how the words were highlighted as the reader read and I loved the activities that went along with some of the stories.

3rd/4th Grade

The best part about Tumblebooks is the quality of the stories...famous authors...telling the best of children's literature!

Michelle, ESL
Oakwood Public School
Halton District School Board, ON

The students listen to the story and gain fluency, develop vocabulary, comprehension and are deeply engaged by the format of the talking book

Michelle, ESL
Oakwood Public School
Halton District School Board, ON

Tumblebooks gave [my ESL Student] the chance to listen to stories being read in English, with correct pronunciation and inflection.


We really enjoy the read-aloud aspect of the stories and the variety of books available. It's also great to have some different languages for the kids. We've had students come from Spanish-speaking countries and they relly enjoy being able to find something in their own language.


Tumblebooks were great for my ESL students who are unable to be read to in English by their parents.

1st Grade

I really enjoy using Tumblebooks with my students. Most of them are English second language learners so the listening to a correct model while following along with the text is excellent reinforcement for correct pronunciation and grammatical structure. The selection of books is quite varied and well appreciated. Tumblebooks is a great part of any classroom that values good literature.

3rd Grade

The TumbleBook stories that I used worked very well with our beginning level ESL students. The animation, narration and sound affects really brought the story to life and provided the context clues needed to more easily understand the story.

ESL Teacher

Can't wait until more of the Spanish translations books are ready... 2 of my student are Spanish speaking and when they heard the Spanish reading they perked up and came to the computer and listened to it. It was very exciting to see.

Nicole, Teacher
Mesa Vista School
Butte County Office of Education, CA