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Librarians & Media Specialists

Thank you for this wonderful resource. I use this site with all of my students from PK-5th grade. I enjoy the clear and distinct graphics that accompany the stories along with the great dialogue. The expressions of the reader for the stories enable the students to learn how to add expression in their own reading.

Angie, Library Media Specialist
Tazewell Elementary School
Tazewell County Public Schools, VA

It is a wonderful tool to reach those visual learners and audio learners in a format that is so captivating. Also, it gives the students a chance to hear a voice other than mine. The story I use the most is 50 Degrees Below.

Library Media Specialist

I like EVERYTHING about this site! I am a school librarian and always looking for different ways to bring stories to my students. There so many options to choose from at Tumblebooks! Thank you for the free trial.

School Librarian

I am tremendously impressed. Our patrons are wildly enthusiastic about Tumblebooks. In less than a month, over 250 patrons have access the site and shared with us just how much they love it. Families love the delightful renditions of the books. We all agree that Tumblebooks is a great way to motivate young people to read and experience the magic of literature. I especially like the option of having books in English, Spanish, or French. You have a nice blend of classics as well as newer titles, and I hope you will continue that trend, as patrons like the variety. Another plus is how helpful you and your colleagues always are when I have questions.

Youth Librarian

Tumblebooks is a very clever way to share a book with a child. We especially enjoyed the animation that made the book come alive.


I loved the site. The kids really enjoyed being able to see the pictures as well as hear the words as opposed to my reading to them and showing them the pictures afterwards.

Virginia, Media Specialist
James A. Long Elementary
Putnam County Schools, FL

Our school just paid for a 2 year subscription, and our teachers are using it like crazy. It's already paid for itself in less than a month by all the usage we've made of it.

Debra, Head Librarian
Wilson Elementary
Coppell Independent School District, TX

It's a great asset to any beginning literacy program and so much more!

Library Media Specialist

I absolutely loved your site. Easy to use and access, and the kids really enjoyed being read to!! What a wonderful resource. Thanks very very much.

Deb, Director
Hemingford Public Library
District 10, NE

I really enjoyed using tumblebooks. I do not have any complaints. It was easy to use and the students loved the variety of “watching” the story we were sharing.

Library Media Specialist

The website is very easy to manuveur. I like the books that are available.

Lisa, Librarian
Genoa Elementary
Pasadena ISD, TX

I like the variety of age levels it appeals to as well as the myriad of ways the student can engage with the books! My students love books online and this is a great way for me to give this to them!

Mary Pat, Media Specialist
Orange Park Library
Clay County Schools, FL

I thought the software was easy to use and would be welcomed by parent and children alike.

Barbara, Library Associate
Norfolk Public Library
Norfolk Public Schools, VA

I really enjoyed evaluating the Tumblebooks. They are really great! They are a good source for the students who sometimes struggle with reading. Thanks for the demo!

Emily, Library Media Specialist
Trinity Christian Schools, AZ

The students at my school were very excited to watch and read books on Tumble Books. They enjoyed the pictures and sound effects that the books had. They loved doing the Tumble quizzes at the end of the books. It worked well with students who had difficulty reading independantly as well.

Janice, Teacher-Librarian
Lumsden Elementary School
Prairie Valley School Division, SK

Student engagement is spectacular, and that is difficult with my school population.

Kristin, Library Media Specialist
Center for Inquiry
Indianapolis Public Schools, IN

I love tumble books for a variety of reasons: it allows children to read, it can be used by anyone in the school (or kids at home), it encourages comprehension by asking questions afterwards, it makes learning fun by including games, it is on the internet which kids like, it is easy to use for even Kindergarten kids!

Susan, Librarian
Taylor Library
Hawaii Preparatory Academy, HI

Several teachers worked with the site and they loved every part of it!!!! Hopefully, next year we will all have data projectors, because there is such wonderful activities, that the teachers want it to be presented in a "BIG" way.


The books are great, well narrated and artfully illustrated. The program is especially beneficial if you arer using a smart board in the classroom, as I do in my K-5 library.

Mary Beth
K-5 Library