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We love TumbleBooks!!! I should add the kids do, too!! TumbleBooks has allowed us to introduce a vast collection of books to students and they W A N T to read. It gives them choice, gives them some control over their own learning, all while at an appropriate reading level. What could be better?

Kathy, Reading Consultant
Seth Haley School, CT

We love Tumblebooks in our primary library. I give the children a reading challenge every month that is a game board with multiple boxes they need to complete that encourage reading. One of the boxes always says visit Tumblebooks. They can use Tumblebooks to complete any of the other squares too. For those children that are just learning to read or like to be on an iPad or like to have a story read to them, Tumblebooks fits the bill. They enjoy the activities that go along with the stories too. We are big fans here in Colts Neck.

Jodi, Educational Media Specialist
Conover Road Primary School

I work with a very diverse population of students both English and Spanish speaking and mostly intensive readers. It was nice to find some books in both languages and that appealed to each culture of students.


My absolute favorite asset of your site is its ability to translate to spanish for families that have ESOL speakers at home.


We are a very literacy based faculty and loved having access to a site where different voices and personalities read great pieces of literature to our students. We also loved the way the students are able to read along. This is an awesome means to increase fluency, prosody, and expression. Your site is truly one of the best sites available to promote the joy of great literature.

Reading Specialist

Students were highly motivated to read. Their listening skills were enhanced tremendously by this program. Students were excited to use the computer and practice reading which also supported building comprehension.

4/5 Grade English Language Development Support


We have used Tumblebooks e-library and are very pleased. Students really like the art work and the online stories. The older students like to adjust the reading pace. Teachers really like the online activities as well. We even have one blind student in the school and she really likes being able to hear the stories being read aloud.

Harry, Program Support Teacher
Chief T'Selehye School
Sahtu Division Education Council, NT

We love the fact the the available books are trade books that kids can borrow from our library as well.

Sandy, Literacy Center Specialist
Child & Career Development Center
Chester County Intermediate Unit, PA

TumbleBooks has been wonderful for our elementary school! We are always short of staff and volunteers who can read with children, but with this subscription, there is always a way for our youngest students to hear a story! We have terribly cold winters in Wyoming, and TumbleBooks is always up and ready to tell the kiddos a story when we are stuck inside for recess. The service has such a wide variety of books available that we are always able to find something that each grade level of students wants to hear. It's an excellent program for both emerging readers and established readers.
At one point, looking to cut a little out of the budget, admin asked if we wanted to drop our subscription to TumbleBooks. The outcry from the teachers was deafening! Needless to say, we will have our subscription for a very, very long time!

Lisa, Library Paraeducator
Jessup Elementary, WY

I used this program to select books for this intervention program at my school. I used the books in a small group setting. The illustrations were beautiful and depicted the stories very well. My students enjoyed listening and following along with the stories. I was able to show students how to track properly as they are reading. Students also were able to work on learning about the parts of a story. I would use stories to teach for example, character development.

4/5 Grade English Language Development Support


I have enjoyed using tumblebooks in my classroom. It is a quick and easy way of finding a book to go with a lesson and assess comprehension skills on various levels

Jill, Speech Language Pathologist
Marshall Elementary
Madison County Schools, KY

Excellent-we use it everyday in our Success class and the students love it. I have told several teachers about it. It goes well with guided reading for reinforcement.

Susan, SUCCESS Teacher
Rick Schneider Middle School
Pasadena ISD, TX

I love this site! The fact that the levels of books available are so far-reaching makes this a wonderful site for classrooms---virtually any child can utilize the features on this site. The book report feature is great as well--right along with many of the standards we are teaching in our classrooms, and a great tool for guiding students. The quizzes offer students feedback, and also encouragement as they continue to read. This promotes a feeling of success among students, and furthers their love for literature and reading.

Curriculum Coach

The site is an excellent source to use for a computer center because children are reading and are able to receive help without a teacher's assistance when they get stuck. The animation and narration are very appealing to younger students. When students become more fluent readers, TumbleBooks contains 'meatier' books. TumbleBooks is a great resource for all reading levels.

Director of Curriculum

I am a literacy coach for an elementary school. I love how this site helps incorporate books in a fun way and by using technology (something kids are using more and more each day).

Literacy Coach