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Here is the complete list of all the TumbleBooks in our collection:

Q=Quiz P=Puzzle G=Game R=Resources C=Coming Soon

  TumbleBook Title Author Q P G R C
1 Man With The Violin, The (NEW!) Stinson, Kathy          
2 Twelve Dancing Princesses (NEW!) Barrager, Brigette          
3 50 Below Zero Munsch, Robert v        
4 ABC Letters in the Library Farmer, Bonnie v        
5 Abra Cadabra and the Tooth Witch Karlin, Nurit v        
6 Ace Lacewing: Bad Bugs Are My Business Biedrzycki, David v        
7 Ace Lacewing: Bug Detective Biedrzycki, David v        
8 All Aboard the Dinotrain Lund, Deb v        
9 Always McGhee, Alison v        
10 And You Can Come Too Ohi, Ruth v        
11 Art's Supplies Tougas, Chris v        
12 Bad For Them, Good For Me Zevy, Aaron v        
13 Bears We Know, The Silsbe, Brenda v        
14 Beautiful Moon Jeffers, Dawn v        
15 Bebe Goes Shopping Elya, Susan Middleton v        
16 Best Excuse, The Feinman Moss, Ellen v        
17 Best Mariachi in the World, The Smith, J. D. v        
18 Big or Little? Stinson, Kathy v        
19 Biggest Job of All, The Ziefert, Harriet v        
20 Bintou's Braids Diouf, Sylvianne v        
21 Biscuit Capucilli, Alyssa Satin v        
22 Block the Sun, Not the Fun! Feinman Moss, Ellen v        
23 Boomer Goes to School McGeorge, Constance v        
24 Boomer's Big Surprise McGeorge, Constance v        
25 Boy in the Drawer, The Munsch, Robert v        
26 Boy Soup Lesynski, Loris v        
27 Bully Goat Grim Claflin, Willy          
28 Burro's Tortillas Fields, Terri v        
29 Caillou and Gilbert Sanschagrin, Joceline v        
30 Caillou Tidies His Toys Sanschagrin, Joceline v        
31 Camping Spree with Mr. Magee, A Van Dusen, Chris v        
32 Can Hens Give Milk? Stuchner, Joan Betty          
33 Casey and Derek on the Ice Sederman. Marty v        
34 Cassy's Tale Welsh, Eva-Marie v        
35 Castle on Hester Street, The Heller, Linda v        
36 Chanukah Noel, A Jennings, Sharon          
37 Chicken Big Graves, Keith v        
38 Chicken Scratches Shannon, George and Lynn Brunelle v        
39 Cinnamon and the April Shower Johnson, Amy Crane v        
40 Clever Beatrice Willey, Margaret v        
41 Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal, The Shah, Idries v        
42 Clever Rachel Waldman, Debby v        
43 Clever Trevor Albee, Sarah v        
44 Coriander the Contrary Hen Chaconas, Dori v        
45 Crab Moon Horowitz, Ruth v        
46 Crazy For California Bell, Josh v        
47 Crazy for Canada Schwartz, Noa v        
48 Dad Runs Away with the Circus Keret, Etgar v        
49 Daisy Diaz Shakes Up Camp Harkrader, Lisa v        
50 Dear Peter Rabbit Ada, Alma Flor v        
51 Diary of a Fly Cronin, Doreen          
52 Diary of a Spider Cronin, Doreen v        
53 Diary of a Worm Cronin, Doreen v        
54 Dinosailors Lund, Deb v        
55 Don't Forget to Come Back Harris, Robie H. v        
56 Doors Munro, Roxie v        
57 Down By The Bay          
58 Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee Van Dusen, Chris v        
59 Duck! Rabbit! Rosenthal, Amy Krouse v        
60 Edgar, Allan, and Poe and the Tell-Tale Beets Rompella, Natalie v        
61 Enemy Pie Munson, Derek v        
62 Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo Redmond, E.S. v        
63 Fiona's Luck Bateman, Teresa v        
64 Fire Station, The Munsch, Robert v        
65 First Day Jitters Danneberg, Julie v        
66 First Music, The Pritchett, Dylan          
67 Fluffy: Scourge of the Sea Bateman, Teresa v        
68 For Just One Day Leuck, Laura v        
69 Frank and Izzy Set Sail Kvasnosky, Laura McGee v        
70 Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance Graves, Keith v        
71 Franklin Goes to School Bourgeois, Paulette v        
72 Franklin's Class Trip Bourgeois, Paulette v        
73 Game Day Barber, Tiki and Ronde Barber v        
74 Go Back To Bed! Guy, Ginger Foglesong          
75 Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site Rinker, Sherri Duskey v        
76 Gotcha! Dussling, Jennifer v        
77 Grandma's Pear Tree Santillan, Suzanne          
78 Great Shape-Up, The May, Eleanor v        
79 Hannah Is My Name Yang, Belle v        
80 He Came With the Couch Slonim, David v        
81 Hello Sun! Wilhelm, Hans v        
82 Helping Out is Cool Feinman Moss, Ellen v        
83 Hockey Card, The Siemiatycki, Jack and Slodovnick, Avi v        
84 Home for Pearl Squirrel, A Johnson, Amy Crane v        
85 Hoover's Bride Small, David v        
86 How Do You Read to a Rabbit? von Konigslow, Andrea Wayne v        
87 How I Became a Pirate Long, Melinda v        
88 I am Dead at Recess Crone, Neil v        
89 I Got Two Dogs Lithgow, John v        
90 I Have To Go! Munsch, Robert v        
91 I Love Saturdays y Domingos Ada, Alma Flor v        
92 I Miss Franklin P. Shuckles Snihura, Ulana v        
93 I Wish I Had Freckles Like Abby Heling, Kathryn and Deborah Hembrook v        
94 I Wish I Had Glasses Like Rosa Heling, Kathryn and Deborah Hembrook v        
95 I.Q., It's Time Fraser, Mary Ann v        
96 If I Were You Hamilton, Richard v        
97 I'm a Manatee Lithgow, John v        
98 Into the Tub Beaver, Laura J. and Nolen, Jill P. v        
99 Isabel and the Hungry Coyote Polette, Keith v        
100 Ish Reynolds, Peter v        
101 Itsy Bitsy Spider, The          
102 Jack and the Beanstalk   v        
103 Jeffrey and Sloth Winters, Kari-Lynn v        
104 Jessie's Island McFarlane, Sheryl v        
105 Journey of Oliver K. Woodman, The Pattison, Darcy v        
106 Just Like Josh Gibson Johnson, Angela v        
107 Lemon the Duck Backman, Laura v        
108 Let's Do Nothing! Fucile, Tony v        
109 Lewis Cardinal's First Winter Johnson, Amy Crane v        
110 Librarian of Basra, The Winter, Jeanette v        
111 Light in the Darkness, A Zevy, Aaron v        
112 Lima Bean Monster, The Yaccarino, Dan v        
113 Little Hoot Rosenthal, Amy Krouse v        
114 Little Oink Rosenthal, Amy Krouse v        
115 Little Pea Rosenthal, Amy Krouse v        
116 Little Red in Cyber Space Price, Meghan v        
117 Lobo and the Rabbit Stew Schwartz, Marcia          
118 Lola at the Library McQuinn, Anna v        
119 Lost and Found, Story 1: Molly LaMarche, Jim v        
120 Lost and Found, Story 2: Ginger LaMarche, Jim v        
121 Lost and Found, Story 3: Yuki LaMarche, Jim v        
122 Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken DiCamillo, Kate v        
123 Ma, I'm a Farmer Martchenko, Michael v        
124 Mahalia Mouse Goes to College Lithgow, John v        
125 Marsupial Sue Lithgow, John v        
126 Marsupial Sue Presents: The Runaway Pancake Lithgow, John v        
127 Martin MacGregor's Snowman Cook , Lisa Broadie v        
128 Mason Moves Away Johnson, Amy Crane v        
129 Me Too! Harper, Jamie v        
130 Mercy Watson Fights Crime DiCamillo, Kate v        
131 Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride DiCamillo, Kate          
132 Mercy Watson to the Rescue DiCamillo, Kate v        
133 Miss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10 Finchler, Judy v        
134 Miss Malarkey Won't Be in Today Finchler, Judy v        
135 Moira's Birthday Munsch, Robert v        
136 Moishe's Miracle Melmed, Laura Krauss v        
137 Mom, The School Flooded Rivard, Ken v        
138 Monster Mash Maxwell, Mimi v        
139 Moon Ring, The Duburke, Randy v        
140 Mud Puddle Munsch, Robert v        
141 My Brother, the Knight Driscoll, Laura v        
142 My Think-a-ma-Jink Whamond, Dave          
143 Mystery of Eatum Hall, The Tincknell, Cathy v        
144 Nathan Saves Summer Renert, Gerry v        
145 Night I Followed the Dog, The Laden, Nina v        
146 No Nuts for Me! Zevy, Aaron v        
147 Not So Tall for Six Aston, Dianna Hutts v        
148 Odd Velvet Whitcomb, Mary E. v        
149 Ogre Fun Lesynski, Loris v        
150 Oh, Crumps! Bock, Lee v        
151 Old Mother Hubbard   v        
152 Old Timers Schwartz, Noa v        
153 Olive, the Other Reindeer Walsh, Vivian v        
154 Oliver's Game Tavares, Matt v        
155 Once Upon a Breath Zevy, Aaron v        
156 One Duck Stuck Root, Phyllis v        
157 Ook the Book Rovetch, Lissa v        
158 Other Goose - Part 1 Seibold, J. otto v        
159 Other Goose - Part 2 Seibold, J. otto v        
160 Paper Bag Princess, The Munsch, Robert v        
161 Paper Crane, The Bang, Molly v        
162 Patch, The Headley, Justina Chen v        
163 Pecorino's First Concert Madison, Alan v        
164 Penelope and the Humongous Burp Radford, Sheri v        
165 Penelope and the Monsters Radford, Sheri v        
166 Penguin Story, A Portis, Antoinette v        
167 Perfect Season for Dreaming Sáenz, Benjamin Alire v        
168 Pet Peeves Wilson, Sarah v        
169 Pierre Le Poof! Beck, Andrea          
170 Pigs Munsch, Robert v        
171 Pirates Don't Change Diapers Long, Melinda v        
172 Pocketful of Kisses, A McAllister, Angela v        
173 Pop's Bridge Bunting, Eve v        
174 Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story Wheeler, Lisa v        
175 Princess Justina Albertina Davidson , Ellen Dee v        
176 Private I. Guana Laden, Nina v        
177 Purple, Green, and Yellow Munsch, Robert v        
178 Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs Claflin, Willy          
179 Read Anything Good Lately? Allen, Susan and Jane Lindaman v        
180 Red is a Dragon Thong, Roseanne v        
181 Red is Best Stinson, Kathy v        
182 Rescue Bunnies Cronin, Doreen v        
183 Rip Squeak and His Friends Yost- Filgate, Susan v        
184 Roberto the Insect Architect Laden, Nina v        
185 Room Enough For Daisy Waldman, Debby          
186 Round Is a Mooncake Thong, Roseanne v        
187 Ruby's Wish Bridges, Shirin Yim v        
188 Rumpelstiltskin Carrasco, Xavier v        
189 Sack Full of Feathers, A Waldman, Debby v        
190 Sally Dog Little Richardson, Bill v        
191 Sally Dog Little: Undercover Agent Richardson, Bill v        
192 Sammy Spider's First Shabbat Rouss, Sylvia A. v        
193 Scaredy Squirrel Watt, Melanie v        
194 Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend Watt, Melanie v        
195 Señor Felipe's Alphabet Adventure : El Alfabeto Español Vargo, Sharon Hawkins v        
196 Sink or Swim Coulman, Valerie v        
197 Something Good Munsch, Robert v        
198 Song of Middle C McGhee, Alison v        
199 Starring Hillary Caple, Kathy v        
200 Stella the Star Shulman, Mark v        
201 Stephanie's Ponytail Munsch, Robert v        
202 Stretch Cronin, Doreen v        
203 Suki's Kimono Uegaki, Chieri v        
204 Summer the Town Bit Back, The Feinman Moss, Ellen v        
205 Surfing Price, Meghan v        
206 Teammates Barber, Tiki and Ronde Barber v        
207 The Dot Reynolds, Peter v        
208 The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom Stroud, Bettye          
209 Three Silly Billies, The Palatini, Margie v        
210 Toilet Tales von Konigslow, Andrea Wayne v        
211 Toopy and Binoo: Funny Halloween Jolin, Dominique v        
212 Toopy and Binoo: Robinson Toopy Jolin, Dominique v        
213 Toopy and Binoo: The Big Race Jolin, Dominique v        
214 Toopy and Binoo: Toopy Goes Bananas Jolin, Dominique v        
215 Toopy and Binoo: Toopy's Story Jolin, Dominique v        
216 Tops & Bottoms Stevens, Janet v        
217 T'was the Night Before Christmas Moore, Clement Clarke v        
218 Tyson the Terrible Fox, Diane and Christyan v        
219 Uglified Ducky, The Claflin, Willy          
220 Ugly Duckling, The Escardo i Bas, Merce v        
221 Wait and See Munsch, Robert v        
222 Wedding, The Bunting, Eve v        
223 Wellington's Rainy Day Beck, Carolyn v        
224 Werewolf Moon Hanford, Juliana          
225 What Color is Caesar? Kumin, Maxine          
226 When Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat Weinstein. Muriel Harris v        
227 When Pigasso met Mootisse Laden, Nina v        
228 When Pigs Fly Coulman, Valerie v        
229 When Turtle Grew Feathers Tingle, Tim v        
230 Where is Croaky? Welsh, Eva-Marie v        
231 Why Libraries Matter: A Story Long Overdue Feinman Moss, Ellen v        
232 Wiggle Cronin, Doreen v        
233 Wild League on Ice Brewster, Jim v        
234 Winter Is the Warmest Season Stringer, Lauren v        
235 Yancy & Bear Hutchins, Hazel v        
236 Yelly Kelly Sweetland, Nancy v        
237 You See a Circus. I See... Downs, Mike v        
238 You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? Bell-Rehwoldt, Sheri v        
239 Zoe Sophia in New York Mauner, Claudia and Elisa Smalley v        
240 Zoe Sophia's Scrapbook Mauner, Claudia and Elisa Smalley v        

Our Language Learning Selection currently has the following titles:

  Title Author
1 Alex, le petit joueur de hockey (French) Tibo, Gilles
2 Anique, la dame et la licorne (French Read-Along) Poitras, Anique
3 Bambou (French) Papineau, Lucie
4 Bambou (Puzzle)  
5 Birica's House: The Story of a Roma Girl (Puzzle)  
6 Birica's House: The Story of a Roma Girl (Russian/English) Nuica , Elena
7 Champions de la glace (French) Lavallee, Manon
8 Champions de la glace (Puzzle)  
9 David et le salon funéraire (French) Gravel, François
10 Décroche-moi la lune (French) Hébert , Marie-Francine
11 Désagréable pour eux, agréable pour moi (French) Alimi, Andrea
12 Drôle de papa (French) St-Aubin, Bruno
13 Gabriela à l'école de la plage (French) Croteau, Marie-Danielle
14 Hannah Is My Name (Chinese) Yang, Belle
15 La vraie histoire de Léo Pointu (French) Rogé
16 Lapinokio (French) Chartrand, Lili
17 Le coq de San Vito (French) Mercier, Johanne
18 Le gros monstre qui aimait trop lire (French) Chartrand, Lili
19 Le pêcheur de lune (French) Tibo, Gilles
20 Le Secret De Jamel (French) Papineau, Lucie
21 Léonardo le lionceau (French) Papineau, Lucie
22 Les aventures de Louis St-Castor (French) Alimi, Andrea
23 Les noix, c'est pas pour moi (French) Zevy, Aaron
24 Les voyages de Gulliver (French) Swift, Jonathan
25 L'incroyable invention de Félicio (French) Villeneuve, Mireille
26 Monsieur Alphonse et le secret d'Agathe (French) Kazi, Ania
27 Oscar le drôle de ouistiti (French) Papineau, Lucie
28 Papa est un dinosaure (French) St-Aubin, Bruno
29 Papaye le panda (French) Papineau, Lucie
30 Pas de bananes pour une girafe (French) Papineau, Lucie
31 Pas de taches pour une girafe (French) Papineau, Lucie
32 Patatras la panthère (French) Papineau, Lucie
33 Peau protégée, plaisir assure (French) Alimi, Andrea
34 Pépin le pingouin (French) Papineau, Lucie
35 Raconte-moi la mer (French) Croteau, Marie-Danielle
36 Red is a Dragon (Word Catch Game)  
37 Sardinette Flanellette (French) Tremblay, Carole
38 Toupie et Binou: Drôle d'Halloween (French) Jolin, Dominique
39 Toupie et Binou: Il était une fin (French) Jolin, Dominique
40 Toupie et Binou: La dernière banane (French) Jolin, Dominique
41 Toupie et Binou: La grande course (French) Jolin, Dominique
42 Toupie et Binou: Le petit Toupie rouge (French) Jolin, Dominique
43 Toupie et Binou: Robinson Toupie (French) Jolin, Dominique
44 Tour du monde en 80 jours (French) Verne, Jules
45 Trop... c'est trop! (French) Vaillancourt, Danielle
46 Un amour de Lulu (French) Papineau, Lucie
47 Un chant de Noël (French) Papineau, Lucie
48 Un coup de main (French) Alimi, Andrea
49 Un gnome a la mer (French) Croteau, Marie-Danielle
50 Un grand-papa en or (French) Hébert , Marie-Francine
51 Une excellente excuse (French) Feinman Moss, Ellen
52 Une journée dans la vie de Lorian Loubier (French) Latulippe, Martine
53 Vieux Thomas et la petite fée (French) Demers, Dominique
54 Voyage au centre de la terre (French) Verne, Jules

Our Chapter Book category currently has the following titles:

  Title Author Language
1 Bee In Your Ear, A (Read-Along) Wishinsky, Frieda English
2 Any Pet Will Do (Read-Along) Shouse, Nancy English
3 Addison Addley and the Things That Aren't There (Read-Along) McMillan, Melody DeFields English
4 Matt Christopher: Goalkeeper In Charge (Read-Along) Christopher, Matt English
5 Hoop Crazy! (Read-Along) Walters, Eric English
6 Max-a-Million: Max the Magnificent (Read-Along) Wiebe, Trina English
7 Max-a-Million: Max the Mighty Superhero (Read-Along) Wiebe, Trina English
8 Noodle Up Your Nose, A (Read-Along) Wishinsky, Frieda English
9 Blast to the Past #6: Ben Franklin's Fame (Read-Along) Deutsch, Stacia and Rhody Cohon English
10 Blast to the Past #1: Lincoln's Legacy (Read-Along) Deutsch, Stacia and Rhody Cohon English
11 Zibby Payne & The Party Problem (Read-Along) Bell, Alison English
12 Anne of Green Gables (Read-Along) Montgomery, Lucy Maud English
13 Puppy is for Loving, A (Read-Along) Labatt, Mary English
14 Goldfish Don't Take Bubble Baths (Read-Along) Wiebe, Trina English
15 Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Baum, L. Frank English
16 Wind in the Willows, The (Read-Along) Grahame, Kenneth English
17 Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #1: Sleepover Sleuths (Read-Along) Keene, Carolyn English
18 Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #3: Pony Problems (Read-Along) Keene, Carolyn English
19 Sea Dog (Read-Along) Gaetz, Dayle Campbell English
20 Raspberry Room, The (Read-Along) Lohans, Alison English
21 Timberwolf Chase (Read-Along) Brouwer, Sigmund English
22 Captain Jake (Read-Along) Stewart, Shannon English
23 Dimples Delight (Read-Along) Wishinsky, Frieda English
24 Hana's Suitcase (Read-Along) Levine, Karen English


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