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TumblePad 2.0 is FREE reading software that you can download to your NetBook, Laptop, or Desktop. It comes preloaded with 1 animated picture book, 1 ebook, 1 TumbleGame, and 1 Audio Book so you can get started right away. Each time you download a new book , it gets installed right into your TumblePad.

TumblePad features animated, talking picture books and ebooks with cool features which allow you to change the text size, pick a font, and even change the background screen color.

About TumbleBooksUNPLUGGED
TumbleBooksUNPLUGGED is an offline version of TumbleBookLibrary available exclusively for school and library subscribers. TumblePad 2.0 is a downloadable e-book reader application which allows you and your students/patrons to access TumbleBooks without being online.

The collection includes 125 TumbleBooks, 25 chapter books and 20 TumbleGames. We will send you a fully loaded USB stick which you can use to download the collection to your computer(s) or server. The TumblePad 2.0 reader application is installed as part of the USB installation. You may download the collection onto your desktop computers, laptops, and netbooks.

TumbleBooksUNPLUGGED is perfect for:

-School with limited bandwidth
-Schools/libraries with computers not connected to the Internet
-Schools/libraries wanting to limit Internet access (ie: on children’s computers)
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Please note: TumbleBooksUNPLUGGED cannot be downloaded to iPods, mp3 players or copied to a CD.