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Special Education & Resource

I’m a Virtual Special Education Teacher. As you could imagine, finding ways to teach kids in my elluminate classroom can be sometimes challenging. I have students with reading disabilities and when I used my trial membership to let them hear the books aloud with me they LOVED it. I loved that they could work at their own pace when I set the book to manual (as did they). I also appreciated the quiz!! I got to give them the quiz as soon as we were done reading.

Amy, Special Education
Georgia Virtual Academy, GA

I really like how students can self-direct through the site, the reinforcing tests for comprehension, and the variety. Thanks for the review time you gave me for your website. We had a lot of fun reading with it...


I liked that it was easy to use and child-user-friendly. My kids quickly learned to click on books and make choices independently.

Karin, Special Ed-ECC
Madison Early Childhood Center
Thompson School District, CO

Students and Parents alike have commented on the ease of being able to navigate through the site. They have also loved the variety of books.

Tamara, Special Education
James Thomson
BC SD 47, BC

My children realy enjoyed the TumbleBookLibrary - the book selection is great - all very appropriate and a wide variety of subjects and themes to choose from.

Karin, Special Ed-ECC
Madison Early Childhood Center
Thompson School District, CO

I have visually impaired students in my classroom that love listening to Tumble Books. The books are very animated and the voices are full of energy. Even though the students can’t see, they love listening to the people reading the stories. They have listened to stories on tape from the "Talking Books Library for the Blind" [which] are no comparison to your [online] books. The tapes are very monotone. I would get tired of listening to them. Keep up the good work.

Kim, Special Education
Riverton Elementary
Riverton USD 404, KS

I teach special education and I have found activities appropriate for all of my students. It is nice to have one web site that meets so many different needs and levels.

Martha, Special Education
Lea Elementary
Lovington Public Schools, NM

I have truly enjoyed the books in your library. I especialy liked that I could use it for my children with disabilities and low reading levels. They were able to enjoy the books and take an accelerated reading test to go along for the comprehension. It is an awesome site.


My students and I love tumblebooks! As a fifth grade teacher, I see the importance of students becoming natural everyday readers. I want this "habit" to follow them throughout life. Tumblebooks are an exciting way to keep students interested and involved with reading. I love to incorporate Tumblebooks into my curriculum, whether it is Reading, Writing, or Language Arts.

Nicole, Teacher
Mesa Vista
Butte County Office of Education, CA

My students with special needs enjoy doing the books as a large group and small group. I have incorporated the online books during our independent reading time. My non-verbal severely autistic students enjoys replaying the stories.


We work in a school that is entirely special ed and have many struggling readers - it's a great way to expose them to books in a way that is not frustrating for them. Our non-readers love the animation

Sandy, Literacy Center Specialist
Child & Career Development Center
Chester County Intermediate Unit, PA

What a treasure. This site is extremely useful for non readers of all ages. My children just love it. I have shared this site with many of our special needs teachers across our county. Thanks so much for providing such a fun, affordable, and worthwhile product.

Special Education Teacher

Our reluctant readers enjoyed the chance to go online and “read” along with the stories.

Tamara, Special Education
James Thomson
BC SD 47, BC